Lil Wayne ft Nicki Minaj – Dark Side Of The Moon

Lil Wayne ft Nicki Minaj – Dark Side Of The Moon :Nicki Minaj finally got the singing part she coveted, and who better to administer it than a person who’s been in her corner since the very beginning.


Even in instances where Weezy was openly drooling over his colleague, we never got the impression that lines were being crossed, which is likely why their camaraderie works so well on “Dark Side Of The Moon.” For the first time ever in the recorded history of an oncoming apocalypse, two people, Nicki & Weezy, were able to placate the terms of their friendship in a moment of crisis.

From Lil Wayne’s perspective, the end of the World as we know it doesn’t dredge on his well-being; he will simply pack up his belongings, his loved ones and set up shop where the smoke has cleared, perhaps on the side of asphalt where the Moon is less resplendent. There really isn’t much else to go on. Lil Wayne lives out a childhood fantasy on “Dark Side Of The Moon,” but under adult pretenses.

Nicki Minaj’s singing is an enjoyable part of the ride.

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